Whilst enduring your morning commute dreaming about starting your own business you think to yourself in a very certain voice and clear mind that I will call my company "dot dot dot" and then bang the moment comes along and the name you were so sure about all of a sudden might not be so great after all. Out comes the sketch pad and the sharpie and you start to scribble list after list of names; some witty coffee connotations, some that sound nice but mean nothing and some that are well just a bit naff!! And then you find yourself right back were you started.
So what is in a name? Well to me there's a lot. Bell and Rigg is simply a tribute to my wonderful Grandparent’s Joe and Francis Brownrigg (formerly Bell). Now you may be expecting me to go on to talk about how they did remarkable and extraordinary things, if so, I'm afraid you may be disappointed.
They never explored the rainforest looking to cure deadly disease nor did they protest for world peace, they were quite simply everything you would hope Grandparents to be. Never would there be a warmer welcome than an overly excited Nana rushing out to meet us with a bellowing "hello my darlings", there was always endless cuddles, cakes, and fun to be had.
The photographs is this article are of the my Grandparents farm that sits neatly at the top of a hill in the village of Hesket New Market.
There are many things that can make a place special, maybe it's the uniqueness or the natural beauty it holds, for me Hesket New Market is special because it holds lots of happy childhood memories. This tiny village near Penrith has a certain energy which is hard to put into words, and whilst amazing I don't think this energy comes from the mountains or the lakes, I think it comes from the people.
If I had to choose just one world to describe Hesket it would be kindness, not in the sense of giving material things but simple acts of kindness that cost nothing at all, a phone call just for a chat, repairing a stone wall or making a little bit extra cottage pie and leaving it on the front step. This is what makes it a special place.
As we often celebrate those who lead remarkable lives I think it's also good to celebrate people that choose to dedicate their lives to others, their family, their friends and their local community, and as I look at the world around me today I think this alone is pretty remarkable.

So to all you Hesket folk....Thank you!

Photography credits and huge appreciation to the very talented Nathalie Priem who endured all the Lake District in January had to offer, freezing temperatures, gale force winds, rain and the odd phantom hail storms.... all in the pursuit of getting the perfect shot.