This is the first in our series of "What's Brewing?" journal posts and it is here you will find out what you can expect in your next coffee club delivery. We will also go behind the scenes with the roasters and learn about the origins of the coffee and the framers that make it all possible.
Our debut coffee club beans are both single origins lovingly roasted by our friends over at Ozone. The first one for all you espresso lovers is the La Fortuna from Guatemala, a beautifully balanced and sweet coffee making it an ideal choice if you are looking for a single origin espresso. Also great for pour over this coffee has sweet honey aromas and flavours of pineapple, caramel and brown sugar.
The second single origin is for the filter coffee crew and it comes from Brazil. The Baixado is a natural processed coffee, giving it huge amounts of body and sweetness. Floral orange aromas and flavours of dark chocolate, cherry and almond make this a great choice for Aeropress.
Originally from Fitzroy in New Zealand, Ozone opened it's doors to the coffee lovers of East London in 2012 and we are so pleased they did.
If you are ever on Leonard Street just by Old Street Tube station just look out for white arrow pointing you towards the coffee, follow it an you won't be disappointed.
The Interior is cool, the welcome is warm and the food is awesome, As you can probably tell we love to hang out there!
Whilst all this is great, the thing that makes Ozone special is the coffee. To make super espresso you need super fresh coffee so Ozone roast batches of coffee daily and only buy the best quality green beans, if you venture downstairs you will see the classic 1975 PROBAT roaster and the team hard at work.
Beautiful coffee doesn't just happen and it's important to remember that our morning caffeine fix would not be possible without the guys that grow the green beans. Since the very beginning Ozone have had an ambition to make a difference to the lives of the growers and their families, so they make sure they spend time on the farms and work directly with the growers to ensure trade is ethical, fair and sustainable.
Last year I did my first ever coffee course with Anson who is the barista trainer and all round coffee expert at Ozone, if you love coffee you will love talking with this guy. Just the right amount of science to not fry your brain but enough to help you understand what makes a good coffee good and a bad coffee bad. They do great espresso and brew training courses designed to help you make and enjoy awesome coffee at home. If you want to know more about Ozone head over to or treat yourself and head on over to Leonard street.... I recommend the Granola!