The second stop on our coffee club journey takes us to The Roasting Shed, a small batch roaster in Hackney Wick brought to us by Ricardo Restrepo and Neil Coyle.
Founded in 2013 by Colombian coffee guru Ricardo, The Roasting Shed, as the name might suggest started life in Ricardo’s garden shed in Clapton and it was with one simple ambition, “to bring the taste of Colombia back to East London” that The Roasting Shed was born.
The Roasting Shed bring that personal hands on approach to specialty coffee that we love, Small batches of coffee are roasted daily, every bag is sealed and stamped by hand and the all the beans are lovingly selected in collaboration with the baristas that serve it.
This year as the business grew the guys made the difficult decision to leave the beloved shed behind and move to a new space in Micks Garage, just down the road in Hackney Wick.
Now let me tell you a little bit about this place......If only all garages were like this … no Pucka pies or wilting carnations here my friends. Micks Garage formerly Micks Mechanics is a great new warehouse space that offers a culinary feast! Not only is it home to The Roasting Shed it is also home to a New Kombucha Jarr Bar and middle eastern smokehouse SHUK SHUK, managed by the team at Berber and Q.

The first time I visited The Roasting Shed I was lucky enough to try some Kombucha. I learnt that Kombucha is a raw fermented tea full that is of lots of good stuff including probiotics, and I have to say it tastes unreal! As it was early in the day I had it straight but if you're around these parts on a Friday and Saturday evening you can enjoy a Kombucha cocktail, some smoky meat and some uplifting tunes..... Sounds like a perfect Friday night to me!
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But let us get back to the Coffee ...... For our coffee club subscribers we selected 2 coffees from The Roasting Shed selection. First up we have a Kenyan single origin called Kebel Kercha that makes a beautifully sweet cafetiere full of fruity flavours of Bluberry and Lemon sherbert all swished together with a good dollop of Honey.
Our second coffee, The Special Blend, is for our espresso fans. I tried this at the London coffee festival and loved it. This coffee is a blend of Brazilian and Ethiopian beans, The Brazilian Londrina give this a coffee a comforting nutty base with great body whilst the Ethippian Sidamo delivers a fruity blueberry zing that is a really pleasant surprise.
Both of these beans are processed naturally so they are sweet, full bodied and pair well with milk…. Flat white lovers …this one is for you.
I love the spirit of the guys at The Roasting Shed, they roll their sleeves up and make sh*t happen, Neil is currently building an espresso bar attached to the roaster so in a couple of weeks if you want to get of the beaten coffee track make sure you pop in and see them for a coffee.
These guys are proof that you don’t need to be a huge operation to roast beautiful coffee, all you really need is the know how, the passion and a garden shed.

Photography Credits and Thanks to The Roasting Shed.