This is the first in our series of Lets Brew Everywhere journals, Lets Brew Everywhere is about getting out and enjoying the diverse landscape this Great British land has to offer. With so many places to explore it seems only right that the journey should be accompanied by great coffee.

Back in January we headed back to the motherland of the Lake District to capture some images for the "Whats in a name" journal, luckily my friend and photographer Nathalie Priem is also a lover of the great outdoors so we thought we would make the most of being away from the city, pulled on our boots and went for a walk/hike around Derwentwater near Keswick.
It was a cold and early start so a mid morning coffee was definitely welcome and what better place to brew than the banks of Derwentwater. To make this brew we used the Aeropress made of plastic it is durable, lightweight and perfect for outdoor brewing, and like true coffee geeks we even ground our coffee fresh!

What you need

Aeropress : Filters : Mini Hand Grinder : A Mug : Pocket scales : 18g Coffee : Boiled water
(It's best to boil the water fresh but if you're only going for morning hike a good quality flask of boiled water will do just fine)

Step 1 Put the paper filter in the filter cap, rinse with water and attach to the Aeropress
Step 2 Weigh out and grind 18g of coffee (this is around 1 heaped Aeropress scoop of beans)
Step 3 Place the Aeropress on the mug, add the ground coffee, start the timer and pour 240ml of water into the press make sure there are no dry clumps! (if you don't have scales pour to just below full)
Step 4 Place the plunger onto of the chamber (this creates suction and stops coffee dripping through the filter before it's fully brewed) when the timer hits 1 min, take the plunger off and give the coffee a stir.
Step 5 Replace the plunger and leave to brew for a further 30 sec. After 30 seconds give the coffee a stir, replace the plunger, press and enjoy.

I don't know if it was the fresh air, the ginger bread or a just a particularly good brew but the coffee never tasted so good.
This trip to the Lake District reminded me of how lucky we are to have such a diverse landscape, you can go from one of the greatest cities in the world to the highest mountain in the uk in less than half a day.
So why don't we do it more? Life is busy right? and everyday we seem to be in pursuit of going faster and faster. A faster train, a quick bite to eat a quick gym session, a quick catch up .... the list could go on.... but we just don't have time for that.
I'm going to make a stand and say here and now that I am in pursuit of going slower, this is something I thought I would never say but it's all about context. Slow doesn't have to be boring, I think going slower is about remembering to enjoy what is around us, remembering to pull on your boots and walk up a mountain, remembering to jump in the car and go for an adventure and remembering to live our lives through our own senses and not our hand held device. So turn it off, pull on your boots and #lettheadventuresbegin.
Huge amounts of thanks to the wonderfully talented Nathalie Prime for capturing such beautiful shots of my one of my favourite places. If you are keen to pull on your boots and go for an adventure the photographs by the lake were taken at Hawes End Pier, Derwentwater near Keswick and the shots overlooking the lake were taken at a point called Surprise view.
I hope you love it as much as I do #letsbreweverywhere
Ginger bread recipe available soon on a hand held device near you!!!!