Our first postcard collaboration is with the super talented Russell Frost of HOOKSMITH in Leytonstone, East London. Russell uses traditional letterpress techniques to create limited edition posters that celebrate the wonders of Leytonstone and occasionally offers some rather poignant and witty messages to society. "do you suffer from cheerfulness?"
When you meet Russell the passion for his craft really shines through, years of collecting typeface allows him to re-use elements from the past to create something new and every single one has a story to tell.
No computers, printers or techy gadgets his work reflects a slower time, a time when “man made” really was “man made”. And like Russell we want to celebrate going slow or at least gong slower and take the time every once in a while to make something awesome. Making a slow coffee on Sunday morning sitting back and reading the paper in your favourite baggy pants ... that's what Bell and Rigg is all about.
No one loves a great coffee shop more than us and we know that grabbing a quick coffee from your favourite barista is a precious moment. So to all the guys and girls that have dedicated their lives to taking the edge of our Monday morning we salute you and to all of you home baristas the good news is you don't have to be an expert to make great coffee at home. With quality beans, some guidance and little bit of love it can be as simple as "JUST ADDING WATER". If you're wondering what the fish is all about, Russell is also an avid fisherman and like coffee all this "Prince of the River" really needs is fresh water.
Big thanks to Russell for working with us on our first postcard collaboration, working with someone that loves what they do is like inhaling a breath of fresh air. The "Just add water" postcards will be sent out with your first coffee club subscription and we hope there will be many more collaborations to follow. If you want to collect our postcards and see what we come up with next please follow our Journal and Instagram page. To learn more about Russell and his work head over to, photography credits go to my lovely friends at Bread Collective.