A well balanced single origin decaf from Guatemala. As an espresso it is well balanced, full bodied with a bright red current acidity and sweet caramel finish, tastes great paired with milk.
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ORIGIN: Guatemala
REGION: Huehuetenango
PRODUCER: Finca San Cristobal
PROCESS: C02 Decaffeination

Finca San Cristobal is located in the Huehuetenango Highlands of Guatemala. Dry, hot winds from the neighbouring Tehuantepec Plains of Mexico blow across the border and into these highlands, protecting this area from frost, meaning the final cup benefits from excellent complexity, fullness in body, and delicate wine notes.
The coffee has undergone the CO2 form of decaffeination. This process works by saturating coffee beans in a liquid form of CO2. which is caffeine-selective and acts to draw out caffeine from the green beans leaving behind the natural aromas and tastes within the coffee bean. This process is regarded as a gentle way to decaffeinate coffee and is organically certified.