There are so many reasons to love the Aeropress, we love it because you can brew sweet, full bodied coffee almost anywhere. It is lightweight, durable, easy to use and easy to clean. If you are new to brewing coffee this is a great place to start, take it to work, leave it at home, take it up a mountain #letsbreweverywhere
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Similar to a Cafetiere, the Aeropress brews coffee through full immersion, once brewed the coffee is then pushed through a paper filter directly into the cup or serving jug.
The Aeropress comes with 350 paper filters, a stirrer, coffee scoop, filter holder and funnel
There are tons of Aeropress brew guides online, check them out and enjoy experimenting.
Your Aeropress need never be lonely again with this mini hand grinder and Aeropress adapter
Mini hand grinder
350 Aeropress Filters, the coffee just isn't the same without them.
Aeropress Filters
100 bleached paper filters for pour over coffee
Filtropa Filters - Size 4