Great beans deserve great equipment so to help you make awesome coffee we have selected some of our favourite products that we think make brewing at home super easy and enjoyable.
Brew great coffee everywhere with Aeropress
This elegant and iconic pour over brews coffee with superb clarity and flavour
6 Cup Chemex
100 prefolded bonded Chemex filters
Chemex Filters
Make the best home brew coffee in town with these scales and built in timer
Hario Drip Scales
Micro filters produce a beautifuly clean and transparent cup of coffee. It works like a traditional cafetiere but the coffee is so much better!
Espro Press
Improve your pour over game with a Hario Buono Kettle
Hario Buono Pouring Kettle
All the flavour you would expect from a cafetiere but with the clarity of pour over
Clever Dripper
These pocket scales are the perfect little brewing companion
Digital Pocket Scales
100 bleached paper filters for pour over coffee
Filtropa Filters - Size 4
Your Aeropress need never be lonely again with this mini hand grinder and Aeropress adapter
Mini hand grinder
Stealth black milk pitcher
12 oz Milk Pitcher Black
Slow coffee style
stainless steel pouring kettle
By Kinto
Kinto Pouring Kettle
Slow coffee style
glass coffee server
By Kinto
Glass Coffee Server
Slow coffee style
ceramic coffee brewer
By Kinto
Ceramic 4 cup brewer
This is a great gift for people who want to start brewing coffee at home
Pour Over Kit
350 Aeropress Filters, the coffee just isn't the same without them.
Aeropress Filters
Brew great coffee everywhere with this Aeropress travel kit.
Aeropress Travel Kit
Master your pour over skills with this one cup ceramic pour over
Hario V60 1 Cup