This seasonal blend from Ozone combines beans from Colombia and Brazil. A beautifully sweet aroma with flavours of caramel, apricot and milk chocolate. The body is full and smooth making this a great choice for espresso and brewing Cafetiere.
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Two Trees is a seasonal Espresso Blend, changes every six months to include fresh crop coffees. The blend chooses only two coffees which complement each other and strives to showcase the best characteristics these coffees can offer. This blend is a mix of Colombia Agustino forest and Brazil Santa Lucia pulped natural.

ORIGIN: Colombia & Brazil
REGION: San Agustin, Huila, Carmo De Minas, Minas Gerais
PRODUCERS: Asoguar Associates & Fazenda Santa Lucia
PROCESS: Washed & Natural
Flavours of Earl grey, Wild berries, Apricot, & Chocolate
Hodson Espresso Blend by Ozone
Flavours of Cranberry, Nectarine & Maple Syrup
Special Bru Blend by Caravan
Single Origin from Guatemala Flavours of red current, sweet caramel & biscuit
Guatemala Decaf Espresso By Caravan