In the hope of helping you enjoy brewing coffee at home here is a selection of brew guides written by one home coffee brewer to another.
The Stove top or Moka pot as it is also known, is where I started my coffee brewing adventure. It can be a tricky character but if you like a strong smooth coffee it' worth taking the time to master it.
You will need
Coffee : Water : 4 cup Bialetti stovetop pot : Stove : Scales : Grinder : Oven gloves or folded tea towels
The Recipe
17g coffee - Fine grind but not as fine as espresso, like table salt
Boiled water
Step 1 - Prepare
Bring a kettle of water to the boil
Step 2 - Grind
For a 4 cup Bialetti Grind 17g of coffee (2.5 table spoons), on the finer side but not as fine as espresso, the consistency should be a little like table salt.
Step 3 - Pour
Unscrew the 2 parts of the brewer and pour the boiled water into the bottom part up to the fill line.
Step 4 - Fill
Place the filter basket back into the bottom part of the brewer and fill with the ground coffee, level it off with your fingers and remove any stray grinds from the rim of the basket.
Step 5 - Heat
Using the folded tea towels and taking extra care not to burn yourself screw the top and bottom together, try not to over tighten. Put the brewer on the stove on a low to moderate heat. Leave the lid up on the brewer so you can keep a beady eye on progress. The coffee will soon start to come out, it will be a dark stream that will get progressively lighter, when it turns yellow in colour remove from the heat.
Step 6 - Serve and Enjoy
Once the coffee has stopped bubbling out serve straight away and enjoy. Remember this is a strong concentrated coffee so you might want to dilute it with some water or milk. Enjoy!