In the hope of helping you enjoy brewing coffee at home here is a selection of brew guides written by one home coffee brewer to another.
There's a lot to be said for the trusted cafetiere, most houses have one if it's not drying by the side of the sink it will be at the back of the cupboard with the waffle iron. Cafetiere is a great way to brew at home it's easy to use and makes coffee that's full of flavour … it’s especially great if you have a load of people over for brunch.
You will need
Coffee : Water : Cafetiere : Grinder : Scales : Timer
The Recipe
Cafetiere come in a variety of sizes so we use this ratio that can be adapted to suit.
Coffee Ratio - 30g per 500ml of water
Coarse Grind
Slightly cooled boiled water (92ºc – 94ºc if you want to be precise)
Brew Time - 4 minutes
Step 1 - Prepare
Boil the kettle and then preheat the Cafetiere by adding some hot water
Step 2 - Grind
Weigh out the coffee beans, if you are making a 1L brew or around 4 cups you will need 60g-70g of coffee. Grind the coffee on the coarse side, the consistency should feel a little like coarse sand. Discard the water from the cafetiere and add the ground coffee
Step 3 - Pour
Pour the slightly cooled boiled water into the cafetiere making sure all of the coffee is covered. Start your timer and let it brew for 3 minutes then give it a really good stir, put the plunger cap on and let it stand for 1 more minute.
Step 4 - Plunge
It’s now time to plunge! Gently press down the plunger until all of the ground coffee is held firmly at the base of the cafetiere
Step 5 - Drink
Pour the coffee straight away either directly into cups or a jug, it’s important that you do this to avoid over extraction.
There are so many ways to experiment with cafetiere, changing the grind size, the coffee to water ratio and the brew time will all affect the flavour in the cup. Remember to keep a note of your recipes, there is nothing more annoying than making the perfect brew and not remembering how you did it, you can scribble it down on the Bell and Rigg note cards that come with your coffee club deliveries.
Here are a few things to think about
- If if requires all your might to push the filter down try using a courser grind
- If the coffee is sour and lacks sweetness try making your grind size finer
- If you like a strong coffee try using more coffee or less water
- If the coffee tastes bitter and makes your mouth feel dry try a coarser grind or reduce the brew time.