In the hope of helping you enjoy brewing coffee at home here is a selection of brew guides written by one home coffee brewer to another.
This iconic piece of design makes a delicate and beautifully clean cup of coffee, awesome for sharing with your friends and family. It’s also pretty nice on the eyes
You will need
Coffee : Water : 6 cup Chemex : Chemex Filter : Scales : Grinder : Timer : Pouring Kettle
The Recipe
This recipe is for a 6 cup Chemex
60g coffee - medium grind (finer than cafetiere but not as fine as espresso)
700ml boiled water left to cool slightly (92ºc - 94ºc if you want to be precise)
Brew Time - 4 minutes
Step 1 - Prepare
Boil twice as much water as you need for the brew (1400ml). Open the filter and place in the Chemex, Pour hot water over the filter to rinse and warm up the vessel. Pour away the excess water.
Step 2 - Grind
Weigh out 60g of coffee and grind, it should be a medium grind, slightly finer than you would use for Cafetiere but not as fine as Espresso. Pour the ground coffee to the filter
Step 3 - Pour
Place the Chemex on the scale and tare to zero. We recommend using a scale so you can weigh the exact amount of water. Pour 150g of the slightly cooled boiled water into the coffee bed making sure all of coffee is saturated and there are no dry clumps.
Step 4 - Bloom
Give the coffee a stir and allow the coffee to bloom for 30 to 40 seconds, a good bloom allows the coffee to disperse any gasses and ensures a nice even extraction of flavor.
Step 5 - Pour again
Start the second pour, using a circular pouring motion pour the water until you reach 450ml volume.
Step 6 - Final Pour
You're almost there.... At 1min 45sec fill the brewer to the top or until you reach 700ml volume
Step 6 - Brew
After 4 minutes you should be about done, you can check by looking at the little glass bubble on the belly of the Chemex, the coffee level should around that mark. Lift out the filter and let it drain in the sink.
All that is left to do now give the coffee a swirl, serve and enjoy.