In the hope of helping you enjoy brewing coffee at home here is a selection of brew guides written by one home coffee brewer to another.
The Aeropress is a great place to start brewing coffee at home, it makes great coffee with minimal fuss. There are many Aeropress brew guides and recipes out there, we like the upside down one the best as you get all the flavour of a cafetiere brew but a much cleaner transparent cup of coffee.
You will need
Coffee : Water : Aeropress : Aeropress Filters : Scales : Grinder : Timer
The Recipe
15g coffee - medium grind (finer than cafetiere but not as fine as espresso)
200ml boiled water left to cool slightly (92ºc - 94ºc if you want to be precise)
Brew Time - 2 minutes
Step 1 - Prepare
Whilst waiting for your water to boil insert the rubber plunger in to the top of the Aeropress so it sits just below the number 4 mark, turn it upside down and pop it on the scale, just like the picture at the top of the guide. Place the paper filter in the cap and rinse with water, this stops any papery flavours getting into your coffee.
Step 2 - Grind
Tare the scale to zero. Add 15g of freshly ground coffee to the Aeropress, it should be a slightly finer grind than you would use for a cafetiere but not as fine as espresso ...we tend to lean towards the coarser side.
Step 3 - Pour
Tare the scale to zero and pour 200ml of water over the coffee making sure all of the coffee is wet.
Step 4 - Brew
Start the timer, give the coffee a good stir and leave to brew for 2 minutes. Whilst the coffee is brewing reattach the filter cap.
Step 5 - Flip, Plunge & Enjoy
Now this is the tricky bit and requires some care and attention ...... please, please be careful not to burn yourself. When the 2 minutes are up, holding the Aeropress with one hand and the mug with the other carefully flip over so the Aeropress so it sits on top of the cup. Making sure the cup is sat securely on your table top, using gentle pressure slowly push down on the plunger pushing the coffee into the cup.
There are so many ways to experiment with Aeropress, changing the grind size, the coffee to water ratio and the brew time will all affect the flavour in the cup. Remember to keep a note of your recipes, there is nothing more annoying than making the perfect brew and not remembering how you did it, you can scribble it down on the Bell and Rigg note cards that come with your coffee club deliveries.
Here are a few things to think about
- If the coffee is sour and lacks sweetness try making your grind size finer
- If you like a strong coffee try using more coffee or increasing your brew time
- If the coffee tastes bitter and makes your mouth feel dry try a coarser grind or reduce the brew time.